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Losing weight and maintaining the desired weight are the same.† Some people have a faster metabolism and have to eat more, just to maintain their proper weight but many of us live sedentary lives and find that we do not need much food to start gaining weight.


Throughout your life, you will experience many new discoveries about which foods are healthy and which foods cause your body to store fat.† You will discover which foods make you feel wired and which ones make you groggy and sleepy.


But if you carry excess weight, you are taking in more food than your body is using, and it is stored.† You can then decide if you want to overeat and exercise an hour a day so you can feel healthy and have energy to enjoy life, or do you want to just eat and spend the latter part of your life with multiple health conditions or chronic pain.† Most of us go between overeating, exercising and dieting.




If you had spent years dieting and gaining weight, it is time to stop.† When you go on a diet, it implies that you can get off that diet and go back to your old eating habits.† You probably already know, that didnít work for you.† So stop dieting and change your lifestyle.† Blend your healthy eating with your favorites.† The trick is to eat less of the foods which cause weight gain and more of the ones which are healthy for you.†


Think of food as fuel to give you energy to move your body around.† Would you pour chocolate syrup into your carís gas tank?† No, because it would not be good for your carís engine.† Use the same logic with your body.† Your body is more important than your car.




Weight loss and weight gain are driven by behavior.† Behavior is driven by thought.† Thoughts are a product of internal dialogue as well as external influences.†


Have you ever noticed that you can be sitting in front of the TV after dinner, and when a food commercial appears you find yourself getting up and making your way to the kitchen to get something to eat or drink?† That, my friend, is the power of suggestion.† If it did not work, those companies would not be spending all that money on TV advertising.†


What about the time that you were on successful diets?† Do you remember how you read books and magazine articles about diets and healthy eating, and spoke to people about dieting and thought about eating healthy?† You were surrounding yourself with outside influences to keep your mind on dieting and to motivate yourself to do it.


You can limit your exposure to food advertising, and cooking shows, but what about your own thoughts?† What about the times when you suddenly decide that you have to have that comfort food, and then, you become preoccupied with getting it?† What is that?† Are you weak, lacking in character or will power?† Not at all, you simply developed some thought patterns and habits which have been keeping you in this overeating loop.† To understand this process and to understand how to control it, read my article on WILLPOWER.

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